With the Champion Cherries about to go global, All Departments will be highlighting a smattering of curios from our largely modest history over the close season.

All Departments’ theme song ‘Here Come The Cherries’ by the Foursite Saga was released as AFC Bournemouth’s club anthem for Christmas 1973. Click on the audio player below to listen.


Here is the original lyric sheet.


The Bournemouth Evening Echo reported the great event on 20.12.73

Foursite Saga Echo

Several other AFC Bournemouth themed songs of indiscriminate quality have been released over the years, some of which can be heard below:

The Ballad of Wade Elliot – The Bewley Brothers


Lovell Tear You Apart – Alex Deutsch


Staying Alive – AFC Bournemouth Squad


We’re Here To Stay – Jennifer Bachen


Go South – 2003 Play Off Final Song


Eddie’s Army  – Sounds Like Adam


 The AFC Bournemouth Song – Julian Barry


Despite the endeavour of those listed above, the true musical culture at Dean Court emanates from what used to be called the terraces. Some of these songs and chants, which are many and varied, can be heard here.


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