With the Champion Cherries about to go global, All Departments will be highlighting a smattering of curios from our largely modest history over the close season.

Fanzines rose to prominence in the late 1980s as football supporters fought to be heard in an era when the game was going through a period of tumultuous change and the internet was little more than a crackpot gimmick used only by those we now call ‘early adopters’. Several intrepid Bournemouth fans took this DIY route into football publishing, producing the much missed fanzines pictured below.  A few examples of the fanzines are available in the reference section of Bournemouth Central Library, and you can purchase some of the copies here.

fanzine collage One of the longest running Bournemouth fanzines was Mick Cunningham’s Not The 8502, named after the difference in attendance at the first and last home games of the triumphant 1987 season. You can hear Mick talk about how he put the fanzine together in this podcast interview from February 2014

[audio http://alldepartments.podbean.com/mf/web/5tw7s9/Episode13MicksBlessingoutput.mp3 |titles=Mick’s Blessing| remaining=yes]

With the world wide web going mainstream by the end of the 1990s, the decline of the fanzine became inevitable. Fansites and blogs were much simpler to produce and distribute, and many fanzine editors and writers transferred their skills to the new technology. There has not been an AFC Bournemouth fanzine for some years now, although the market for a 21st century version of the format surely exists.


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